Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way to Go Robbie!!

After years of nothing to be excited about as a Jays fan, Robbie Alomar gives the city of Toronto something to cheer about. For the first time a Toronto Blue Jays player will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame wearing the blue and white.

For most the 90's Robbie was THE second basemen in the MLB. He was a five tool player and he could get it done with his glove or bat. In his five years with the Jays he won five gold gloves and two World Series Championships. I remember those days fondly as a youngster and getting to stay up late to watch the Jays in their '92 and '93 World Series Championship years.

For a long time, his spitting incident in a game with the Orioles tarnished his reputation. But over the years he's become friends with John Hirschbeck (the Umpire who's face he spat in) and they have done charity work together.

When I think of Roberto Alomar, I think of the way a baseball player should be. He was a great defender and clutch bat. He could come through with his speed as well, and his abilities were game changing.

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