Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pack Break #10: 2 Packs of 10-11 ITG Heroes & Prospects

When I walked into the LCS (same one as where I bought the baseball packs in the previous post) I saw a lone box of 10-11 ITG H &P hockey with a nice big $139.99 sticker on it. Now I usually don't go to this store but they re-located and I figured I'd check the new store out. Secondly, I needed some snap cases as mentioned in the previous post.

I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if they would open the box if I wanted to buy some packs and how much would it be. I remember last year they were selling packs for around $8 or $9 of H&P, so I figured it would be the same again. The one guy working didn't seem to care and told me he'd open the box for me, fiddled on the computer for a moment and then told me "$5.99 a pack". I figured this was wrong but I wasn't going to argue!

I've seen a lot of this product broken and wasn't sure that I liked it that much. I busted a case last year of 09-10 H&P and had a lot of fun. I figured I'd try 2 packs for myself! I picked out two nice thick packs.

Pack 1:

I really like the look of the base cards. Again I was fooled by a nice thick decoy card! Seems like I've been fooled by them every time I've busted thick packs this year.

Pack 2:

Again some nice looking base, I will be sending out a few in the mail to get autographed. Oh and I forgot to mention that the middle card was thick and not a he shoots he scores point....

Olivier "Red Light" Roy Jumbo jersey black. You can barely see it in the scan but there is a big seam on the bottom right and a bit of red. I'm glad to finally pull something half decent after no luck as of late!

I ended up going to the LCS for snap downs and I bought 4 packs of cards. I didn't even purchase any snap downs because the size I needed (180 pt) were almost $3 a piece!

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