Monday, January 10, 2011

Pack Break #7: 2004 Pacific Hockey

I noticed this lone 2004 Pacific Hockey Pack at the Shoppers by my house and it had me thinking about Pacific, so that's what started my look into the end of the brand. I went back today to purchase the pack and originally thought it was the last series produced. When I broke the pack I realised it was the second last year of Pacific 03-04.

The base actually have a really nice design. I really liked that about Pacific, despite all the brands they had they really did a good job at switching up the product designs and keeping the cards interesting from year to year. I really feel that if Pacific hadn't tried to pump out so many different sets and had just stuck with the regular series, dynagon and Titanium, they may have found more success.

Each pack contains an insert and I managed to pull at Michael Cammalleri blue parallel 161/250. These parallel's are inserted 1:10 packs. I'm pretty happy with how I did in this pack and wished that Shoppers had more. I always enjoyed breaking Pacific product.

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