Monday, January 31, 2011

TTM Mail Day #3: Rollie Melanson

I haven't really sent out much mail in the last two month's due to work but I recently sent off five requests and this one was the first to come back.

Rollie Melanson spent most of the 80's in the NHL, kicked around the minors in the early 90's with a few short stints in the NHL. His numbers aren't very good, even for the 80's While he found limited success during his playing days, he has done well for himself as a goalie coach currently with the Canucks.

This request only took ten days round trip! It's nice to see a quick signer as I've seen few this quick so far this season!

Rollie Melanson
c/o Vancouver Canucks
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, BC V6B 6G1


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