Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mail Day #7: Goalie Spectacular!

Picked up some nice stuff from ebay/trades lately! I'll start with the low end stuff and move along to the best card!

Both of these are mini-cards although it's tough to tell by the scan! I cut off the top part of the Brathwaite card while scanning and was too lazy to scan again.

Some nice base/inserts. The top left Brathwaite is numbered 829/1000. The bottom left Tugnutt is going to be heading out into the mail to be signed.

I know it's only a base card but it's a nice looking card! I believe they did dual memorabilia with this card design.

Picked this one up DIRT cheap. I didn't have it for my McLean collection. I'm not looking forward to finding the parallel autographed version of this card.

A nice numbered insert of CUJO in a Leafs uniform. I really like the SP Authentic card designs from the early 90's.

Another color guard for my set. I believe I now have 4/18 for the set as the CUJO I have is a PROMO card.

I saved the best for last! I bidded on this card a few month's back but did not win. I was too cheap and I realised I missed out on a great card. I kept looking for it but it didn't pop back up on Ebay. Recently, a member of sportscardforum pulled it and I immediately made an offer. I'm glad he accepted it. A very great PC item.

I think this is an AMAZING card. I love anything Roy in a Habs uniform and McLean is my favourite goalie to collect. This card would have been even more awesome if McLean was in the old school Canucks jersey. I plan to add this card to my collection again if I ever see any crazy patches pop up.

I know many people consider the cards I collect junk but it does not bother me one bit. I'm happy with what  collect and I know one day I'll have a great collection to show off with plenty of stories!


  1. Nice pickups! I really like that Color Guard set.

  2. thanks for the comment! It's a great set, I've always liked it, it's pretty uncommon for more of the better singles to surface. It will be a challenge to find some of the better cards in the set!