Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pack Break #2: 1992 OPC Baseball

I received this sealed pack in a collection passed down to me from a member of the Church I go to. His son passed away a few years ago and the collection was too hard to look at, so it was passed on to me. It was mainly late 80's, early 90's product.

I've only opened one pack of 1992 OPC baseball before and it came in a loot bag from a friends birthday party back in 1992. I remember my best pull being Kenny Lofton, so maybe I'll do better this time.

Card 1: Kevin McReynolds - Hit 211 homers in 12 MLB seasons
Card 2: Checklist - with the Internet still in development, checklists were an essential pull for set builders

Card 3: Scott Kamieniecki - control issues in the majors limited his impact
Card 4: Chuck Knoblauch- decent middle infielder/outfielder for 12 MLB seasons

Card 5: Kent Hrbek - 14 seasons 293 homeruns
Card 6: Rich DeLucia - had success in the minor leagues. Up and down between MLB and minors
Card 7: Chris James - second string player for 10 MLB seasons

The best card of the pack coming up next!!

Card 8: Joe Carter!!! As a Jays fan this is a great card and reminds me of the glory days. I remember seeing his World Series homer like it was yesterday!

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