Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pack Break #7: 3 Packs of 1997 McDonalds Hockey

I recently put all my McDonalds cards into pocket pages and have started the project of completing un-finished sets. I saw a three pack lot up for grabs on Ebay for cheap of 1997 Pinnacle McDonalds, so I took a chance on them in hopes of adding some cards to my set. Each pack has 3 cards.

Pack one yielded some nice cards, including a Selanne that I didn't have! I really liked the "Caged Ice Breakers" subset.

Pack 2 yielded all duplicates. The bottom two cards are actually pretty neat. When you move the card slightly you can see the goal actually being scored or the player skating. It's some sort of 3D technology and it's pretty neat, although they do not scan very well.

My last pack gave me one card I needed for the set, the middle card. It's Selanne passing to Kariya and Kariya scoring a goal on Arturs Irbe. A great card!

I only added two cards I needed bumping me up to 26/40 cards for the set.


  1. Love the Selanne/Kariya card. Just curious, are there any Kings in the set?

  2. I went through the checklist and it does not look like there is any Kings