Sunday, January 30, 2011

All-Star Game Memories

The first All-Star game I actually watched was the 1993 game between the Wales and Campbell conference's. The Wales won the game 16 to 6 and looking back at the rosters, you would have thought that the Campbell's conference should have won. While the Wales featured the leagues best goalie: Patrick Roy, his counter parts were journeymen Craig Billington and Peter Sidorkiewicz.

The main highlights of the game for me were the skills competition and Ed Belfour wearing 00 during the game. It didn't help him much as he was shelled for 6 goals!

I actually had an All-Star team poster from the 1993 game that I got from a box of Kellogg's cereal but have lost it over the years. If I ever found one again I'd love to add it to my collection!

In the 1997 All-Star game, Owen Nolan sped in on a breakaway on Dominik Hasek, he pointed at Hasek, calling his goal and proceeded to score the goal! It was quite the highlight reel goal and I remember it all these years later. I looked for a pictured of Nolan pointing but could not find one. I found a clip of the goal and could not believe that this goal was actually his third of the game for the hat trick! The clip is a bit blury but you can still see him Nolan shoot and point. Nolan now toils in the Swiss-A league while Hasek plays in the KHL.

I've been very impressed with the 2011 game so far and can't believe how close it is going into the last period. I really enjoy the puck movement and the creativity. It's nice to not see such system heavy hockey for once! I haven't watched an All-Star game in a long time and I'm glad I tuned in this year. Here's hoping for a very exciting final period!

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