Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mail Day #6: Comics!!

I have been anxiously awaiting this mail day for over a week. I order my comics online from Horizon comics due to the incompetence at my local comic shop (don't want to get in to it). Horizon comics is great, they ship securely, fast and at affordable rates, consider most places charge absurd amounts to ship comics.

One of the ongoing comics I read is the Walking Dead. I started by watching the series and moved on to the comic. You can read most of them online on YouTube. I read the first 78 comics online in about a month. I could not stop reading, that's how great the comic is!

When I went to purchase the Walking Dead comic at a downtown shop for the first time I realised that it's dirt cheap ($2.99) and that it includes a lot of story with minimal advertisement's. I stopped reading comics back in 2003 due to the raising prices, lack of story in each issue and absurd amount of advertisements so it's nice to find a comic that has none of that negativity.

If you like the show, then I can assure that you will like the comic 100 times more!

The next comic I picked up was the second of a two part mini series. I'm not a fan of Bullseye and simply picked it up for the baseball content. To summarize briefly Bullseye is a hitman/detective for hire and he is hired to invesitage a case where a journeyman pro baseball pitcher was paid to throw a game and ends up pitching the game of his life. I won't go into anything more, read the comic!

I saved the best for last! The Uncle Scrooge series did a 8 issue run of Ducktales and sadly this is the last one before it goes back to being Uncle Scrooge. As a big Uncle Scrooge fan, I realised the main differences between the two series thanks to my advanced age. In Ducktales, Huey, Duey, Luey and Launchpad make more appearances. Secondly, in Ducktales they tend to go on bigger adventures then in Uncle Scrooge. While the nephews and Launchpad appear in Uncle Scrooge as well, it's not as frequent as in Ducktales.

While I'm upset the Ducktales run is over, the next Uncle Scrooge will be issue #400 and they will be featuring a double sized comic to commemorate the achievement.

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