Friday, January 7, 2011

Mailday #4: Kirk McLean

As a kid I really liked Kirk Mclean, especially in his playoff run in '94 with the Canucks and his amazing kick save. It was a great Stanley Cup Final and as much as I wanted the Rangers to win, I also would have been happy if the Canucks won. Pavel Bure was one of my favourite players at the time and the reason I watched the Canucks.

In the fall of '09 I started to grow tired of all the new over priced product that was coming out, so I dusted off my collection as a kid and started trying to finish insert sets from the '90's. Over time I started to work on food issued set and began collecting my favourite players as a kid.

I was happy to find that most Kirk McLean items were not too expensive and I could realistically collect him. My goal now is to own every card of McLean. I knocked off a few tough ones this mail day with his '88 and '89 OPC stickers.

I have another lot of McLean stuff incoming which is mostly inserts. Some of his tougher issues from the early to mid 2000's don't come up very often on ebay. Rarely ever does GU'ed cards pop up, even though he just has a handful.

The above card was picked up on ebay and arrived on Christmas Eve, before I started this blog. At the moment it's my favourite McLean card. It's a piece of game used stick and this is the only one I have seen in the past year since I started collecting McLean. I would love to find a patch variation of this card!

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