Friday, January 21, 2011

Pack Break #8: 3 packs of 1996 Pinnacle McDonalds Hockey

I picked up another three pack lot from the same seller of 1996 Pinnacle McDonald's Hockey. Again, I hope to fill some set wants!

Pack one went pretty well, I pulled a Lindros and Hasek, which I both needed for the set. I already have Roenick. I really like the goalie subset "Game Savers"

All dupes in this pack except for the Selanne! I was really hoping to pull some future game winners that I didn't have, especially Jim Carey.

The last pack was by far the best and my young self would have gone nuts over this pack! The printing press went a little crazy and gave me 4 cards instead of 3. Secondly, I pulled two game savers and one of them is Kirk McLean who I like to collect. All dupes in this pack but I don't mind pulling a second McLean, since I have the other one separate from the set in my McLean binder.

I was pretty happy with my breaks considering I paid $5 and change including shipping for six total packs. Again like last time at 26/40 for the set!

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