Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ITG Heroes & Prospects Baseball 2011

After finding success, ITG has decided to branch into baseball and is releasing Heroes & Prospects Baseball in February. Upon reviewing the checklist, the product seems to be very prospect heavy with plenty of autographed cards. Not a bad idea considering how crazy the prospect craze is with baseball collectors.

The main reason I decided to post about ITG baseball was due to this INTENSE patch. It's a gorgeous card and I really hope this exact patch or patches similiar will be sealed in pack's. Deck McGuire, a top Jays draft pick will be featured on a patch/auto card and I hope it features a nice patch like the card pictured above.

It's not a bad idea for ITG to start producing baseball cards, although I'm not sure it will be immediately successful. ITG hockey took a while to get off the ground but has become very popular due to nice patch cards. Topps had an exclusive license last season to produce MLB cards and didn't put out too many great products, so collectors may be looking for something else this season.

I was really big into baseball card collecting as a young kid and picked it up again in 2002, collecting seriously until 2009. When Reed Johnson was with the Jays, I loved his style and really enjoyed collecting him. When he signed with the Cubs his stuff sold pretty well, so I sold the better stuff for a massive profit. I had no interest in collecting an ex Jay anymore.

After moving on from collecting Reed, I focused on prospecting and had fun doing this for a few years. I went through a big ebay selling phase starting in 2007 for almost three years. The hobby of collecting had became about making money. I'm glad that phase is long over and I'm back to enjoying the hobby again, collecting for the love of it.

After a year off from baseball cards, come to think of it, baseball all together, I'm back and I hope to find a player to focus my collection on. It would be nice to get some nice patch singles of Jays prospects from ITG Heroes & Prospects baseball, so I look forward to seeing the product released!

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