Thursday, January 13, 2011

TTM Mail Day #2: Brian Bradley

I haven't sent out any requests for a few month's now. I grew frustrated by the lack of responses compared to the amount of money and time spent. In Sept, Oct, Nov I sent out at least 100 requests and only maybe 15-20 have rolled in. I'm an experienced vet so I sent to players with good success rates.

The Mail is coming later these days, usually at around 4PM, when it had arrived at 10am for half a year. I find the mail system usually switches up delivery times every so often and it's either really early or late. I prefer early since it gives me the chance to post up my mail day before I leave for work at around 1:30.

I sent to Bradley about a year ago and I finally got these back. He use to be a quick signer but has slowed down considerably now.

Bradley started his career with the Flames, Canucks and Leafs were he found very little success. He was then given a chance to star for the expansion Lightning and he found success. His career came to a pre-mature end due to injuries.

Brian Bradley
6417 MacLaurin Drive
Tampa, FL 33647-1171

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