Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenge #2: The Worst Team in Pro Hockey 2010-11 Season

74-75 Capitals: The Worst NHL Team ever
I was watching hockey last night with a group of friends and I brought up the topic of what the worst pro hockey record currently is for the 2010-11 year. Of course no one knew so I spent a bit of time today looking through some of the major Pro Hockey Leagues.

Currently in the NHL, the New Jersey Devils are the worst team with only 10 wins in 39 games. They have scored only 69 goals for an average of 1.77 goals per game. To put how crappy that is in to perspective, Sidney Crosby has 32 goals on his own!

I moved on to Pro Leagues such as the Swiss A league, ECHL, and AHL. Not one team was worse then the Devils until I checked the KHL. Metallurg NK has only ten wins as well but in 40 games and 74 goals for.

I moved on to checking low level minor league teams and I found a winner in Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL). The Louisiana IceGators have stank it up to the tune of a 7-23 season through 30 games. Thats a .233 winning percentage. The Devils are tearing it up with a .256 winning percentage and Metallurg NK at .250.

So there you have it! The worst team in all of Pro Hockey this season the Louisiana IceGators of the SPHL. I challenge someone to find a worse team for the 2010-11 season. No junior teams, Pro Leagues only!!

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