Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pack Break #4: 2006-07 Upper Deck McDonalds

I found this pack in a variety pack at Value Village a few months ago and set the pack aside to break later. The variety pack include a few hockey items, including a 5 X 7 Jumbo 93-94 UD McDoanlds Patrick Roy card, which is the reason I bought the variety pack. I always wanted the jumbo Patrick Roy card as a kid.

I collected the McDonald's cards heavily as a kid from 1992-1996. When they started featuring the players in their regular NHL jerseys instead of their All-Star uniforms, I lost interest.

This is the first time since the late 90's that I opened a McDonalds pack and I was actually impressed with the look of the base card.

The design is simple with a bit of style and in person the foil background really enhances the appearance of the card. I pulled base of Gaborik, Kipper and Nash. Not the greatest pack but I didn't really expect much to be honest.

Sadly, McDonald's decided to stop selling hockey cards and other sports products. This will be the first year since 1991-92 that McDonald's will not be selling cards. Although I stopped a buying these cards a long time ago, it seems that their is still a strong following and maybe they will realize that sales won't be as strong without the cards. For all of you who forget, you had to at least purchase fries or something in order to be able to buy the hockey card packs.

I hope that in the future, McDonald's will bring back hockey cards and feature the players in their All-Star uniforms. I also hope they bring back selling other sports related product like they did in the mid 90's. But most important of all....PLEASE BRING BACK THE PIZZA!!

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