Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Game Review #2: Pokemon Blue GBC

This was the second RPG I ever got into (second to Final Fantasy for NES) and it got me hooked on the series.

The Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow GBC games were the first Pokemon games released in North America and resulted in a major following that led to a card game and TV series.

The game itself is FANTASTIC and once you start the game you can't put it down. An experience Pokemon vet can probably complete the game in around 21 hours of game play, for inexperienced players it takes much longer.

The game opens up with the player having to choose between Charmander (fire), Squritle (water) and Bulbasaur (grass). Each pokemon has a type such as a water, grass or fire Pokemon for example. They all have strength's and weaknesses against the other Pokemon they battle. For example water is strong against fire, but weak against electricity. Sounds complicated, but don't worry you will come to learn the strength's and weaknesses very quick.

Once you get your Pokemon, your goal is to collect more Pokemon and battle your way to the Pokemon league championship by collecting 8 badges, which you receive by beating gym leaders in battle.

While it sounds pretty easy, it's not as their is plenty of side mission to get your in way. Secondly, you need to collect certain abilities to be able to pass on to newer parts of the game. Most of these abilities are received after defeating gym leaders, some from side missions.

Once you've collected the 8 badges, you must proceed to Pokemon League where you will battle the Elite four. This is no easy task considering you must beat them four in a row without going to healing center in between battle. This makes it important to save money throughout the game as you must stock up on healing items for the final battles.

While the game is really challenging (especially for kids), it's very enjoyable given the many optional side quests.

Gameplay: 5/5
Fun:          4/5
Total:        9/10

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